February 28, 2024

Nancy Treviño,, (786) 201-8958
Amerika Garcia Grewal,, (830) 294-8380


“Everywhere Trump Goes Brings Chaos, Hatred, and Violence.”

Committed to inclusion, love, and welcome for migrant communities,
Eagle Pass Residents and Allies Reject MAGA Agenda of
Hate, Division, and Fear



Eagle Pass, TX – In an urgent effort to uphold the values of welcome, inclusion, and love for migrant communities, residents of Eagle Pass reject former President Trump’s upcoming visit to their once peaceful city.

The city of Eagle Pass has experienced intensified vigilante activity as Governor Abbott and the state of Texas continue laying military-grade razor wire on the banks of the Rio Grande, refusing to return Shelby Park to its residents.

Trump’s impending visit serves only to cater to his MAGA base and align with Governor Abbott’s xenophobic, illegal, anti-immigrant agenda. The Eagle Pass community is the alternative to Trump’s hate and violence, rooted in love, welcoming, and solidarity. Rejecting the hate and violence propagated by Trump, they demand an end to border militarization and advocate for the dignified treatment of migrants.

Accordingly, the Eagle Pass Border Coalition,, Immigration Hub, KARMA Uvalde Advocacy Group, and Border Vigil of Eagle Pass are co-hosting a press conference in response:

WHEN: February 29, 2024 at 9:00 a.m. CT

WHERE: San Juan Plaza, 600 Madison St, Eagle Pass, TX 78852

WHAT: Eagle Pass residents, Texas community organizations, and national allies will hold a press conference in response to former President Trump’s trip to Eagle Pass, TX

WHO: Jessie F. Fuentes – Eagle Pass Border Coalition, Kerri Talbot – Immigration Hub, Deborah Bond – KARMA Uvalde Advocacy Group, and Amerika Garcia Grewal – Border Vigil of Eagle Pass, and others.

Press RSVP is required for the press conference. Please RSVP by Thursday, February 29 at 8:00 a.m. here.

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The Eagle Pass Border Coalition is a group of community organizers working to empower our community to lift our voice, protect our culture and become ambassadors of our fronterizo identity. We’re fighting to be the ones that tell our own story. IG – @epbordercoalition