March 1, 2024

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ICYMI: Eagle Pass Border Coalition Gathers National and Local Immigration Advocates and Residents to Push Back Against Trump’s Visit



Eagle Pass, TX – Yesterday, the Eagle Pass Border Coalition convened immigration advocates, local community leaders and residents for a press briefing in response to Trump’s visit to Eagle Pass. Speakers included: Jessie F. Fuentes from the Eagle Pass Border Coalition, Kerri Talbot from the Immigration Hub, Deborah Bond of the KARMA Uvalde Advocacy Group, and Amerika Garcia Grewal from the Border Vigil of Eagle Pass. Speakers underscored how Trump’s border visit is a political stunt as he and Republicans continue to weaponize immigration. Advocates discussed Trumps’ record of inhumane immigration policies including family separation and child detention and warned about the dangers of a second Trump Administration.

Jessie F. Fuentes of Eagle Pass Border Coalition, said: “Historic day in Texas with both presidential candidates visiting and speaking on the same day. Our concern is that the candidate that visited our community of Eagle Pass came to spread hate and a false sense of security that barriers work, when in reality the billions spend on walls & border militarization could have addressed establishing new and more efficient ways to deal with a world wide migration dilemma. Furthermore, applying more sensible and serious ways to implement funding solutions that focuses on securing our country’s border along with dealing with human beings that enter our country in a more appropriate and humane manner.”

Deborah Bond of the Karma Uvalde Advocacy Group, said: “Mother earth has no borders.”

Amerika Garcia Grewal of Eagle Pass Border Coalition, said: “The way Eagle Pass looks now could potential be what the entire U.S. looks like in the future if we continue to follow the myth of deterrence policy and militarization at the border. It is ugly, it is hard on law enforcement, and it does not work.”

Nancy Treviño of, said: “Governor Abbott’s hateful political aggression has inflicted immense harm on the resilient residents of Eagle Pass for far too long. What our communities truly desire is peace, inclusion, and compassion, not further chaos, hatred, and violence. United with our members across the country and the residents of Eagle Pass, we remain committed to dismantling the harmful narratives fueling anti-migrant discourse. Our border communities understand their needs intimately, and it’s abundantly clear that Donald Trump’s divisive agenda does not align with our vision for a just and inclusive future.”

Kerri Talbot, Executive Director of the Immigration Hub, said: “Trump’s visit to Eagle Pass is an attempt to score political points at the cost of immigrant lives and American communities. We cannot forget the atrocities he enacted during his first administration from xenophobic travel bans to separating children from their parents. If Trump is re-elected, the atrocities of his first term will pale in comparison to his vicious agenda for 2025. Not only will he revive the cruel, nativist policies of his first term, he is also looking to enact new policies that could lead to the mass jailing and deportation of immigrant families and family separation.”


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