March 15, 2024

Nancy Treviño,, (786) 201-8958
Victoria Martinez,, (830) 294-8393


Demanding Justice: Eagle Pass Residents Call for DOJ Investigation into Extremist Militias

Residents and Community Advocates Rally to Protect Human Rights and Restore access to Shelby Park



Eagle Pass, TX – For nearly eight months, residents of Eagle Pass, Texas have endured Texas Governor Abbot’s relentless border militarization. Last month, extremist militias, including the Take Back Our Border caravan, arrived in Eagle Pass bringing chaos and turmoil, instigating confrontations and leaving local residents feeling unsafe.

This week, in a powerful display of solidarity, more than 60 local, state, and national human and environmental rights organizations sent a letter to Department of Justice (DOJ) Attorney General Merrick Garland and Assistant Attorney General Kristen Clarke. The alliance of groups urged the DOJ to mobilize its Civil Rights Division and investigate the extremist militias that descended upon Eagle Pass during the weekend of February 2-4, 2024.

Advocates also called on the DOJ to take decisive action to restore access to Shelby Park, urge the state of Texas to remove National Guard troops and all barriers to access the Rio Grande, and ensure the processing of migrants seeking protection.

“As tensions escalate during this critical election year, the dangerous rhetoric of ‘invasion’ and ‘great replacement’ only serves to embolden extremist factions across the nation. Latine and migrant communities are particularly vulnerable. The DOJ must act swiftly to safeguard our families by launching an investigation into armed white nationalist extremist groups, who pose a real threat to our lives,” said Nancy Treviño of

“First the razor wire, then the buoys, then national guard troops, and now armed extremists driven by hate. What’s next?” said Jessie F. Fuentes of Eagle Pass Border Coalition.

“Hate and anti-immigrant sentiment have no place in our nation. While we commend the Biden administration’s efforts to challenge Governor Abbott’s flagrant disregard for the law, we urgently need the DOJ’s leadership once again. Investigate these extremists and get us our park and river back,” said Amerika Garcia Grewal of the Eagle Pass Border Coalition.

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