November 16, 2023

Contact: Nancy Treviño,


Texas Set to Expand Dangerous Racial Profiling Legislation

“SB 4 is an Assault on Our Rights”


Eagle Pass, TX –– This week, the Texas House passed SB 4, an anti-immigrant bill championed by Governor Abbott that will have detrimental effects on communities across the state. Below is a joint statement from the Eagle Pass Border Coalition, No Border Wall Coalition, Laredo, and

Amerika Grewal of the Eagle Pass Border Coalition explained, “Texan families and migrant communities across the state have the right to safety, dignity, and respect. The passage of SB 4 is a vile maneuver from lawmakers hell bent on criminalizing individuals seeking a better life in our country. We oppose all anti-immigrant bills passed by the Texas Legislature, especially SB 4, which would allow local and state law enforcement officers to arrest migrants who cross the U.S.-Mexico border and racially profile individuals who they believe are undocumented. Like other advocates, we are alarmed that Texas will mandate the removal of noncitizens by state officials as this falls under the jurisdiction of the federal government.”

“SB 4 is unconstitutional, wasteful, and harmful to border residents and migrants seeking safety and opportunity in the United States. We have been vocal in expressing our concerns and demands to the state and federal authorities. We’ve organized rallies, vigils, and press conferences to raise awareness and solidarity for border issues. Together with our allies at, No Border Wall Coalition, Laredo, Border Network for Human Rights, the Rio Grande International Study Center, Mexican American Legislative Caucus, and the Texas Civil Rights Project we denounce the xenophobic and extremist agenda of Governor Abbott and the Texas Republican legislators who support it,” continued Grewal.

“We are in solidarity with the people of Texas who will be deeply impacted by SB 4 if it goes into effect. This callous move will intensify racial profiling and family separation. We condemn its passage and call on the Biden administration to challenge the legality of this bill and stop this from becoming law,” said Nancy Treviño, Director of Power at

“We urge Governor Abbott to veto SB 4 and the other anti-immigrant bills, respecting the autonomy and sovereignty of the local governments and the authority of federal law enforcement agencies in the border region. The Biden Administration has a duty to intervene and block these bills from becoming law, and to implement humane and comprehensive immigration policies that protect the rights and dignity of all people. We double down on our solidarity with people of color communities across Texas and will continue to fight for justice and compassion,” concluded Raquel de Anda of the No Border Wall Coalition, Laredo.

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The Eagle Pass Border Coalition is a grassroots organization that advocates for the rights and dignity of the border community of Eagle Pass, Texas.