September 7, 2023

Contact: Nancy Treviño,

Gov. Abbott loses, again!


Texas Governor’s Deadly, Hateful Rio Grande Buoy Scheme Foiled by Federal Judge Order


(Oakland, CA) – After months of organizing with the Eagle Pass Border Coalition and Rio Grande Valley allies, a victory for justice and human rights was achieved. On Wednesday, U.S. District Court Judge David Ezra ruled in favor of community members – ordering Texas Governor Greg Abbott to remove the “razor buoys” from their current location on the Rio Grande River.

While this decision is welcome, it is not the end of our efforts to have the buoys permanently removed from the river and any land within the Eagle Pass vicinity. Judge Ezra’s preliminary injunction requires Texas to relocate the buoys to an embankment on the Texas side of the river by September 15, not to permanently remove them.

“The solutions we are seeking at the U.S.- Mexico border require honoring people’s human rights and protecting the land and river. Together with our members and Eagle Pass residents, we’ll continue disrupting dangerous narratives fueling a hateful and tired anti-migrant conversation. It is our duty to align ourselves with border communities and human rights advocates to ensure these deadly buoys are removed from the river once and for all,” said Nancy Treviño, Director of Power at

The Rio Grande River is more than just a border; it is a lifeline and a sanctuary for many. The buoys are a blatant violation of federal law, environmental regulations, and human rights. Since their placement in the Rio Grande River, they have caused irreversible harm to the river ecosystem, endangered the lives of migrants and refugees, and disrupted diplomatic relations between the United States and Mexico.

“This ruling shows that what Governor Abbott did in Eagle Pass with the buoys was a gross abuse of power and that he is not above the law. He will appeal and we will just keep fighting back to get him and the federal government to do their jobs, “ said Robie Flores of the Eagle Pass Border Coalition.

Decades of U.S. immigration policy and border militarization have proven both ineffective and inhumane. Gov. Abbott’s deadly buoys are a symbol of this misguided and bigoted strategy. What migrants need are transformative, transnational solutions that address the root causes of migration — characterized by dignity and compassion for those seeking refuge in the United States.

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