June 6, 2023

Contact: Nancy Treviño,

#StopCopCity: Local and Nationwide Opposition Grows Following Atlanta City Council Vote as Costs Skyrocket


Atlanta City Council’s Approval of More Cop City Funding Met with Outrage and Growing Concern About the Project’s Increasing Price Tag


The following is a statement from

Oakland, CA –, a leading civil and human rights organization, and its community of hundreds of thousands of activists across the U.S. condemns the Atlanta City Council’s approval of additional Cop City funding and calls for an end to environmental racism and state violence.

The record-breaking turnout at yesterday’s city council meeting demonstrated the widespread opposition to Cop City, as hundreds of residents lined up to voice their concerns and demand a halt to this dangerous and corrupt initiative. We are dismayed that the council chose to ignore the collective voice of the community and dump more public resources into a project that is shameful to the core. This contentious vote comes on the heels of a SWAT team raiding the Atlanta Solidarity Fund, which was raising money to bail out protesters opposing Cop City.

However, there is still hope to stop this corrupt project. Cop City has not secured the required funding from private entities as the total project costs continue to rise. With our partners, we will continue to exert pressure on Cop City investors and prospective investors to withdraw their support for the Atlanta Police Foundation. We call upon activists, community members, investors, and forest defenders to unite and demand an immediate halt to all financing of Cop City.

Additionally, we will not overlook the tragic killing of environmental activist Manuel “Tortuguita” Terán who was murdered by law enforcement on January 18, 2023, during a protest against environmental degradation at the proposed Cop City site. The details surrounding Terán’s death are horrifying, with an independent autopsy revealing 57 distinct bullet wounds on their body while their hands were raised and legs crossed. This atrocious murder thrust Cop City into the national and international spotlight, shedding light on excessive use of force by law enforcement and the need for greater accountability within our law enforcement agencies.

Cop City represents a grave concern for communities across the nation as elected leaders continue to neglect the needs of residents and instead choose to fund projects that will advance state violence over investments in environmental justice. The proposed construction of this facility in the Weelaunee Forest, an area that provides essential ecological relief for Atlanta’s residents, is an alarming example of environmental injustice. The forest plays a crucial role in offsetting stormwater runoff, maintaining clean drinking water, and combating the urban heat island effect. It is deeply troubling to witness the proposed destruction of this precious green space, which disproportionately impacts lower-income Black, Indigenous, and People of Color communities.

Together, we will continue to challenge the environmental racism embedded within Cop City and strive for a future where public resources are allocated to initiatives that uplift and empower our communities rather than perpetuate systemic oppression.

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