For Immediate Release:
September 3, 2015

Matt Nelson,

*** View’s petition urging investigation: ***

In response to a growing list of news reports pointing to potential criminal acts that include bribery, inciting violence, false advertising and defrauding students to the tune of millions of dollars, has launched a national campaign demanding that States Attorneys General and US Attorney General Loretta Lynch take action against now Presidential candidate Donald Trump through a criminal investigation.

“We demand a full criminal investigation of Donald Trump for potential fraud and acts that are putting in danger the lives of Latino families and communities of color,” said Matt Nelson, Managing Director of “Every day, thousands of African Americans and Latinos are investigated, arrested, and incarcerated for minor or trumped up charges. Meanwhile, rich and powerful white men like Donald Trump brag about their criminal exploits — like bribing federal officials and inciting violence — and nothing happens. Justice is not justice if some people are above the law.”

Just days ago, Yahoo News’ Michael Isikoff questioned whether Donald Trump would turn the Presidency into a “litigation circus,” in the midst of a $40 million lawsuit over an alleged for-profit education scam run under Trump’s name called “Trump University.” That appears to be the tip of the iceberg given Trump’s bragging on potential bribery of federal officials.

The petition reads in part: “During the first televised Republican presidential debate, Trump admitted, before a national television audience, that he has bribed public officials from both major political parties. There have been no repercussions or criminal investigations, and this is unacceptable. Trump’s hateful and possibly criminal actions are destructive to American democracy and the rule of law, and have led to acts of violence against Latinos and Black Americans.”

“There is no doubt about it, Donald Trump is a dangerous man,” concluded Nelson. “Trump has been the subject of numerous investigations, lawsuits and criminal allegations. And now, he’s bringing his particularly brutal brand of criminal capitalism to presidential politics. With national Republicans subjecting Hillary Clinton to near-weekly investigations, it is certainly within bounds to expect a similar level of scrutiny for Trump’s dealings, which certainly appear criminal.”

Over the coming weeks, Presente will be mobilizing its members and partner organizations to petition key state Attorneys General and bring to light more examples of Trump’s potentially criminal behavior.

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