Latinx writers encouraged by publishing giant’s comprehensive plan

Oakland, CA –– After 3 months of waiting for the unveiling of Macmillan USA’s 90-day progress report following their unprecedented commitment to transform their publishing practices to include substantial increases in Latinx titles and staff across their company, we’re encouraged by the publishing giant’s unveiling of their comprehensive plan to work towards equity. We understand that the global pandemic has impacted many industries’ day-to-day work and has put many things in flux, but due to our community’s ongoing efforts we’ve been able to achieve this victory.

This challenging time has shown us that as we stay home and keep safe, a newfound appreciation of arts and literature has spread across the country. While Macmillan USA and the publishing industry at large are suffering, communities of color have been the hardest hit by the global pandemic. Existing inequities have been heightened by this crisis and it’s why we must keep demanding equity for Latinx writers and other writers of color in publishing at large.

Because of Latinx leadership and solidarity, our community was able to secure a commitment from Macmillan USA to transform their company, including the hiring Latinx editor-in-chief Nadxieli Nieto, and a roadmap towards creating a more equitable company that will seek to reflect the stories and voices of Latinx communities and BIPOC authors.

#DignidadLiteraria will continue to hold the US publishing industry accountable to ensure that our community’s cultural work is valued and treated with the dignity it deserves.

— Myriam Gurba, Roberto Lovato, David Bowles, and Matt Nelson, with support from

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#DignidadLiteraria is a network of committed Latinx authors formed to combat the invisibility of Latinx authors, editors and executives in the U.S. publishing industry and the dearth of Latinx literature on the shelves of America’s bookstores and libraries. #DignidadLiteraria believes in the social and political power of wholly authentic Latinx voices and that it is the duty of the publishing industry and literati to use their full power and privilege to elevate these voices.