Statement from Matt Nelson, Executive Director,

“White supremacist violence has no place in our society and certainly no place in the White House. The resurgence of white supremacist views, including those coming from the Trump Administration, correlates to a massive uptick in hate crimes and violence against Latinx people since 2016. President Trump and his administration are dangerously scapegoating and attacking some of our most vulnerable communities and causing immense suffering for immigrant children and families. We offer our deepest condolences to the survivors of the families, friends, and loved ones lost.

“Immediate and determined action is required at all levels of government to hold accountable those who terrorize, intimidate, and kill our people. We face today what our families before us faced when they too fought back against racist violence and hate. Ultimately, only a social movement of people of all stripes and walks of life will turn the course for this country. We hope to support and help inspire a new generation of activists and organizers during these extremely difficult times. The problems that our nation faces are so immense that we have no choice but to build powerful social movements and take collective action.”

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