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Private Prisons



Lasting, transformative change happens when everyday people take action and speak out. is the digital organizing hub for Latinx communities — and our allies — to amplify our voices and fight for our collective welfare and dignity.

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Stop Cop City

Sign the petition: No massive police training complex. Stop Cop City!

The Atlanta Police Foundation has plans–backed by $60 million in corporate funding and $30 million in taxpayer money–to build an enormous police training facility over the city’s Weelaunee Forest.

Justicia Para Ricardo Arturo Lagunes Gasca y Antonio Diaz Valencia


Join us in demanding the search and rescue for mexican human rights defenders Ricardo Arturo Lagunes Gasca and Antonio Díaz Valencia. Both were disappeared when they left a communal assembly held in the municipality of Aquila and were on their way to the capital of Colima state.

Freedom For All


#FreedomForAll is a movement of migrant-led organizations and allies that asserts that freedom is a fundamental human right and we must pursue a series of policies designed to achieve freedom for migrant and immigrant communities. 

Freedom for All

President Biden and Members of Congress: End the Criminalization of Migrants, #FreedomForAll!

Freedom is a fundamental human right for all. But right now, an average of 50,000 people are held in detention centers every day. Despite the claims of anti-immigrant politicians and agencies, detention does nothing for U.S. security and, on top of the vast human rights abuses occurring in detention facilities, it is a waste of at least $1.8 billion annually.

SOMOS Salud vacunate

We take care of each other.

Somos Salud seeks to keep Latin American and migrant communities safe and healthy during the COVID-19 pandemic.



Housing is a basic need, just as food, education and healthcare are, and should be a human right. We can only reach our full potential with access to quality housing.

Sanctuary Restaurants

We are in solidarity with restaurant workers, owners, and consumers and respect their dignity, human rights, and contributions to our industry and our nation – including immigrants, refugees, people of all genders, faiths, races, abilities, and sexual orientations.


Is there an issue in your community that you care deeply about? Learn more about Presente’s distributive organizing platform and start your own petition through SOMOS.

Last Chance Alliance is a proud member of the Last Chance Alliance –– an alliance of more than 750 public health, environmental justice, climate, and labor organizations that champion a vision for California and the world that looks beyond fossil fuels.

Drive California

The Drive California coalition is a statewide coalition of immigrants’ rights advocates, community-based organizations, service providers, faith-based organizations and workers’ rights advocates. The coalition is committed to successful implementation of AB 60 and drivers’ licenses for all.

Turnout! Mobilizing Voters in an Emergency

Turnout! Mobilizing Voters in an Emergency is an indispensable voter turnout anthology, in the age of extreme inequality, systemic racism, climate change, and pandemics.