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art by Favianna Rodriguez

Art by Favianna Rodriguez

“ Today we must fight for a better world, without poverty, without racism, with peace. ” – Rigoberta Menchú, Nobel Peace Prize Winner

About Us

About usWhat is Presente.org's mission?

Presente’s mission is to advance Latinx power and create winning campaigns that amplify Latinx voices; expand the political imagination and traditional boundaries; and foster inspiration for freedom, equity, and justice. Presente is the largest national Latinx online organization advancing social justice with technology, media, and culture.

What do we do?

Using a variety of tactics, we provide ways for our members to take action on the issues they care about. This includes providing calls to action via email, social networks, and text message, coordinating on-the-ground events, running merchandise giveaways, organizing house parties, running radio and television ads, and doing anything else we can think of that helps our members make their voices heard. We seek to be a centralized organizing hub for issues facing Latinxs, with a focus on online activation. To learn more about our work, check out our campaigns page.

Why do we do it?

We know from history that lasting change only comes when ordinary people stand up and speak out. Presente.org seeks to be a platform for the Latinx community, and those who stand with us, to amplify our voices and fight for our collective welfare and dignity. We seek to bring together Latinxs of all nationalities, generations, and regions, with our allies from other communities. We are residents, recent immigrants, and U.S. citizens. While we are diverse and won’t always agree on every issue, we do have common goals: to build our communities, provide for our families, and enrich the country where we live—all without being denied the basic human rights afforded to others. Protecting and promoting those goals is the focus of Presente.org.

Presente.org was born in the midst of a national struggle over immigration policy, but our work does not stop there. Too few of our young people graduate from high school and college, and too many end up in prison. The economic crisis has hit us as hard as any community. Many of us don’t have access to quality health care. And hate crimes against Latinxs are on the rise. It is for these reasons, among many others, that we came together to launch Presente.org.

How can you sign up?

Becoming a member of Presente.org is as simple as adding your name, email address, and zip code to our list. As soon as you sign up, you’ll start hearing from us about opportunities to get involved in campaigns. You can also join our text message action network by texting the word PRESENTE to the number 225568.

How can you contact us?

We love getting email. You can reach us at info@presente.org. For media requests: media@presente.org.

Due to the large number of messages we receive and our small staff size, we may be unable to respond personally to every request. But we will try!

You can also keep up with us on Facebook and Twitter.

Meet the Team

Matt Nelson is the Colombian-born, Midwestern-raised Executive Director of Presente.org—the nation’s largest online Latinx organizing group; advancing social justice with technology, media, and culture. Before his work at Presente.org, Matt was the Organizing Director at ColorOfChange.org and co-founded several worker-owned cooperatives in multiple midwestern cities. He is a seasoned campaign strategist who has won dozens of local and national campaigns and a skilled community organizer who has trained thousands of activists. He was recently featured in the first major book on the Ferguson Uprising, entitled, "Ferguson is America: Roots of Rebellion", FergusonAmerica.org. He also contributed to the book, “Welcome to the Revolution: Universalizing Resistance for Social Justice and Democracy in Perilous Times“.

Favianna Rodriguez, Senior Advisor, is an interdisciplinary artist, cultural strategist, and organizer based in Oakland, California. Her art and collaborative projects address migration, economic inequality, gender justice, and ecology. Favianna lectures globally on intersection of art, social justice and cultural equity to catalyze social change, and leads art interventions in communities around the country. Rodriguez collaborates deeply with social movement groups around the country to co-create art that’s resilient, empowering and transformative. She is the Executive Director of CultureStrike, a national arts organization that engages artists, writers and performers in migrant rights. In 2012, she was featured in a documentary series by Pharrell Williams titled “Migration is Beautiful” which addressed how artists responded to failed immigrant policy in the United States. In 2009, she co-founded Presente.org, a national online organizing network dedicated to the political empowerment of Latino communities.

Erick Garcia joined Presente a year after he graduated from Arizona State University with a Bachelors in Computer Science in 2011. After becoming DACAmented he chose to stay in the online organizing community because he believes that significant change comes from our communities and its potential to overcome adversities. He serves as Presente’s Senior Technologist and makes sure that Presente has the ability to execute and measure strategic goals set by its leadership. He participated in the New Organizing Institute (2014) digital organizing Bootcamp where his team took first place, as well as the Forward DREAMer Hackathon (2013) where his team took first place in the storytelling category.

Elisa Batista is a mother, journalist, and community organizer who is a Contract Writer with Presente.org and Co-Author of the upcoming book ¡Viva Latinx! How Organizing Power Wins. She also serves on the Berkeley, California Children Youth and Recreation Commission, advising the city on policies, programs, planning efforts, activities and funding associated with recreation, youth and families. She has spent most of her career as a campaign director for MomsRising.org, a grassroots organization advocating for policies related to family economic security, and child health and well-being. She helped spearhead the organization’s immigration campaign and launch MamásConPoder.org, a community of civically engaged Spanish-speaking and bilingual mothers. She is also a bilingual, award-winning writer. She is the co-founder of a popular parenting community, MotherTalkers, which was named a “favorite mom blog” by Ms. Magazine, and recognized with an award by Latinos in Tech Innovation and Social Media (LATISM). In addition, her writing has appeared at the Huffington Post, Daily Kos, FOX News, La Opinión, and Wired News. Batista lives with her family in Berkeley, California.

Kelly Ortiz, Presente's Digital Content Coordinator, is an avid reader, freedom fighter, writer, critical thinker, and organizer. Born and raised in Los Angeles, her education at Mills College and focus on Salvadoran history, politics and migration fueled her passion into becoming more involved in intersectional social justice issues in Oakland and also teach within her own community. As the daughter of two refugees, her first-hand experiences allowed her to further study migration, immigration laws and rights and transnational identities abroad. Kelly was awarded a research grant where she was able to translate and advocate for communities with language barriers and socio-political disadvantages in the fight for citizenship. She has experience in Latinx voter outreach, editing, and writing for various campaigns.

Reetu Mody is an adventure seeker, dancer, writer, and activist. She was a former public defender in Nashville, Tennessee, as a Gideon's Promise Fellow. She received a Master of Public Policy at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government as well as a Juris Doctorate at the University of California, Berkeley, School of Law (Boalt Hall), where she was awarded the Francine Diaz Award for Social Justice. Prior to graduate school Reetu was a community educator and organizer for a domestic violence agency, developing a prototype statewide curriculum on violence for California youth. As a community organizer in Richmond, California, Reetu fought alongside predominantly girls and boys of color who were pursued by the criminal justice system. Reetu has advocated, organized, facilitated conversations, and written articles about the intersection of racial, economic, criminal, and immigration rights, always learning from young people, people of color, and other systemically marginalized communities.

Kyle de Beausset is a Campaign Consultant and longtime pro-migrant advocate. He is also the founder of Citizen Orange and a co-founder of The Sanctuary.

Erica Scott-Pacheco is experienced in development, advocacy, and organizing. She’s worked with South Coastal Counties Legal Services, Presente.org, NC Coalition Against Sexual Assault, and anti-sexual/domestic violence and reproductive justice nonprofits, particularly in Native and Latino communities. She holds an BA from Harvard, MA from UNC-Chapel Hill, and a Certificate from the Institute for Nonprofit Management and Leadership from the Boston University School of Management as a Community Fellow. She speaks English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

Gabriel Rey-Goodlatte is a strategist, campaigner, and writer with more than ten years of experience working at the forefront of digital organizing and politics. He has extensive experience with all aspects of digital campaigning and political action. He helped launch ColorOfChange.org in 2005, and played a critical role in building the organization from an email list of one thousand into the largest Black online political organization, with over a million members. Gabriel served as Campaign Director and Director of Strategy, and played a leading role in most of ColorOfChange’s campaigns. He also co-founded Presente.org in 2009, helping guide the initial vision, strategy, and identity of the organization, and helping plan and execute many of its early successful campaigns. Gabriel is also an electronic musician, artist, and technologist. He integrates electronic music into interdisciplinary forms of art: performances, interactive installations, games, film, and theater. His passion is art that combines music and moving images to create an experience of synaesthesia (a blending of the senses). He’s developing technology that facilitates the creation and performance of this kind of music and art.

Luis Moreno is an undocumented immigrant from Mexico and online organizer. Luis has almost ten years of social media management and is currently a software developer in New York. Luis is passionate about stopping the detention and deportation of undocumented peoples in the United States. As part of the Presente.org team Luis works to engage members on social media with actions and content that reflects the diversity and resilience of the U.S. Latinx communities.