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art by Favianna Rodriguez

Art by Favianna Rodriguez

“ You cannot uneducate the person who has learned to read. You cannot humiliate the person who feels pride. You cannot oppress the people who are not afraid anymore. ” – César Chávez, UFW

Breaking: Immigration Activists Interrupt VP Biden’s Speech at Progressive Netroots Nation Conference

July 17, 2014

Detroit, MI-- Just after 4pm ET today, immigration activists from United We Dream and Presente.org interrupted Vice President Joe Biden’s speech to the progressive Netroots Nation conference to call on the administration to immediately halt deportations. A group of leaders from United We Dream and Presente.org interrupted his speech by chanting: "Stop deporting our families."

According to local leaders from Presente.org at the event, the Vice President responded by saying "Yes, we should applaud them. The experience of being deported is hard."

See video of the incident here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=58sPjRaH39E

“Today, we are calling on Vice President Biden and the entire Obama Administration to halt deportations immediately,” said Arturo Carmona, Executive Director of Presente.org. “We are in the midst of a humanitarian crisis on our border, with tens of thousands of unaccompanied children fleeing for their lives. We are also in the midst of a human rights crisis more generally, with thousands of parents ripped from their families every day by our broken deportation system. We demand that the Obama Administration use their upcoming executive action to do everything in their power to stop the senseless aggression towards Latino and immigrant families by ending deportations and enforcement programs that exacerbate racial profiling, xenophobia, and anti-Latino sentiments nationwide.”