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art by Favianna Rodriguez

Art by Favianna Rodriguez

“ You cannot uneducate the person who has learned to read. You cannot humiliate the person who feels pride. You cannot oppress the people who are not afraid anymore. ” – César Chávez, UFW

Job Postings

  • Tue 13 Jan, 2015
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    TITLE: Campaigner

    LOCATION: New York City

    MANAGER: Managing Director


    Presente.org is seeking a smart, creative, innovative campaigner with lots of “fire in the belly” who is committed to the broad range of issues impacting the Latin@ community to join our small but growing team. Presente is the largest national online organization committed to building Latino political power by winning campaigns that impact Latin@ communities. We are unafraid to assume tough positions and to challenge the status quo in order to fight for the Latin@ community and our allies. With more than 300,000 members, Presente secures political power by winning cultural, corporate, and electoral campaigns. Last year, Presente helped secure a huge win for the immigrant rights movement when President Obama announced an executive action for more than four million undocumented immigrants. Presente will continue to play a pivotal role in defining and shaping what Latin@ political power means for Latin@ communities this year and in years to come. This year, we plan to expand our staff and increase our reach within Latin@ communities, and we’re looking for some talented folks to join us!


    Overview: Campaigners within our small and nimble team collaborate with one another to identify campaign opportunities, develop strategy, create content, and solve problems — big and small. Campaigners report directly to the Managing Director. Everyone is expected to pitch in and help out with campaigns across all issue areas.

    Day-to-day responsibilities: Campaigners are driven by a need to make sure that Latin@s and our allies are thriving and living with dignity. Campaigners are responsible for launching traditional online and offline campaigns against strategic targets. Campaigners are expected to go from idea to implementation quickly and to iterate on campaigns, ensuring that campaigns are as timely as the news cycle.


    Successful campaigners at Presente will do the following:


    • Generate new campaigns. Campaigners are expected to be on top of the 24-7 news cycle, mining current events and relationships with key partner organizations for new opportunities to build political power for the communities we represent.
    • Innovate. Campaigners won't just generate new campaign ideas — they'll experiment with new campaign areas, new tools, and new approaches to leveraging Presente members' voices to build political power for Latin@s and our allies. Campaigners constantly ideate, relentlessly implement, fail fast, and rapidly iterate. New campaign ideas are quickly shared with the team.
    • Strategize. Campaigners should be excellent strategists, devising campaigns that are rooted in strong theories of change and oriented towards winning — not just making statements. Campaigns should be well-planned, tactically sound, and relentlessly executed.
    • Campaigners recognize that online organizing is still organizing. As a campaigner, you’re always looking for ways to build strong relationships with Presente members, partners, allies, and colleagues. Campaigners understand that social media like Twitter, Facebook, and TUMBLR are the Internet’s answer to “house calls.” And campaigners are not limited by the Internet alone, your campaigns also include dynamic offline tactics.


    • You’re always thinking about headline-grabbing communications strategies as core elements of your campaigns. If the media isn’t talking about an issue yet, you’re developing a tactic that will get them talking.
    • Write strongly. Campaigners write irreverent, punchy, well-informed emails. As a campaigner, you are able to create persuasive messages in a variety of media, and have experience writing OpEd’s, talking points, blog posts, press releases, and narrative strategies.

    Analytics and Tech:

    • Campaigners like numbers and are unafraid of metrics. As a campaigner, you’re often thinking about how to increase Presente’s reach and deepen member engagement. We use metrics and data to assess what types of campaigns, actions, and messages resonate with our members. We test, optimize, and adhere to metrics to help determine campaign effectiveness and to improve segmentation.
    • Comfortable to test new platforms and find new approaches to listen to Presente members and the broader Latin@ community in order to amplify their voices and spread our message.
    • Campaigners know how to utilize Presente’s tools like Action Kit, Twitter, ShareProgress, and Facebook, etc.


    • You work well with others and are a team player. We are a small team of hard workers with little to no ego and embody the spirit of collaboration and support. Mutual respect and rapport is key to both getting the work done and maintaining a sense of community, despite the virtual office.
    • You give and receive feedback gracefully. We strive to be better together so we need to be able to give and receive positive and constructive feedback all of the time. We give one another the benefit of the doubt and infer good intent, approaching problems from a place of curiosity.


    The ideal candidate is a strong writer, a keen strategist, and fearless when it comes to out-of-the-box campaigning. The key ingredient here is an ability and willingness to first know a campaign opportunity when you see it and then to follow through, jumping in and fighting until the job is done. You’re creative, entrepreneurial, and detail oriented. You’ve got “fire in the belly” about fighting for social justice and can talk about systemic racism and cat memes simultaneously.

    • Campaigners are quick thinkers, flexible, and able to iterate on their campaigns in order to seize the moment.
    • We are students. We look at campaigns as more than just opportunities to build power, and rather think of them additionally as fertile ground for learning how to be better thinkers, writers, organizers, and colleagues.
    • Entrepreneurial spirit. As campaign opportunities arise, you are not waiting to be told to what to do. You have a great idea, you’re tinkering with it and making it better and you’re moving forward with the support of the Managing Director to write well researched campaign briefs containing strong theories of change. You’re writing and staging emails, developing creative content and messaging. You pursue opportunities to test tactics, optimize campaign elements, and always seek feedback from Presente’s members and our partners.

    Specific qualifications include:

    • At least two years campaigning, organizing, or communications experience, preferably with online campaigns.
    • Demonstrated ability to identify and win campaigns.
    • Ability to write well in a short amount of time.
    • Knowledge about political and cultural issues impacting the Latin@ community.
    • Basic HTML and SQL.
    • Familiarity with social media and SMS campaigning.

    Candidates who meet these qualifications are encouraged to apply. Presente is an equal opportunity employer that values equity and we encourage candidates from a wide range of backgrounds to apply.


    This is as a full-time, salaried position with compensation based on experience.


    Please send a resume and cover letter detailing how your experience makes you the best candidate for the job. Please include a writing sample, no more than two pages long, such as an email or OpEd to jobs@presente.org

For inquiries, please contact: