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art by Favianna Rodriguez

Art by Favianna Rodriguez

“ Washing one’s hands of the conflict between the powerful and the powerless means to side with the powerful, not to be neutral. ” – Paulo Freire, Educator

What’s worth fighting for is worth writing for.

Here's the message we sent to our members. After you've read it, please add your voice.

Dear Friend,

The Trump era — an era marked by a deadly lack of moral imagination — has begun. Our communities are in the direct path of this brutal political storm, a storm that only threatens to get worse, unless we act.

What are you fighting for?


What’s worth fighting for is worth writing for.

Many of you joined Presente.org and other organizations in pressuring President Obama to pass DACA, a law Trump has promised to rescind as one of his first actions as president. Latinxs were primary targets of Trump's deadly, twisted logic when he launched a hateful campaign with a speech calling immigrants "rapists" and criminals. A few weeks later, he said Mexican immigrants are "killers". Trump promises to put up a “border wall” and threatens to deport a record-breaking 3 million immigrants — the total of Obama’s 8 years in power — but Trump says he’ll do so immediately.

Trump’s presidency clearly means Latinxs will need to imagine a better world and take action towards it as never before. We must do so as much for our community as for the sustainability of the planet. Many of us are talking about taking action and this is good. But, in our fear and rush to do something, few have taken a moment to answer the one question that will make a major difference in whatever action we take: “What are we fighting for?”

The urgent need to be effective in our actions is what moves us to join the National Write-Out, a one-month invitation from poets, storytellers, novelists, essayists and other writers to any and everyone who has something to say about the following prompt: What’s worth fighting for is worth writing for.

The organizers of the National Write-Out and Presente.org invite you to join us in sparking a call to imagine and write about a better United States, and a better world. Between now and February 18th, we want to support you in imagining. Here are the instructions on how: 

Use the Hashtag: #FightAndWrite

Different Ways to Share Your Words and Join the Movement:

  1. Snapchat, Instagram love: write a handwritten love poem to what’s worth fighting for, take a picture of it and then share it using the #FightAndWrite hashtag
  2. Do you use FaceBook? Do you have an old short story you think speaks to the current moment? Can you turn a literary event you're organizing or participating in into a Facebook live event? Create a link to it and then share it using our #FightAndWrite hashtag with your friends and with the larger “public”(the little world near the bottom of your post).
  3. Do you keep a blog? Write an essay and then share it on your favorite social media platforms with our #FightAndWrite hashtag, let it light up your Wordpress, Tumblr or another blog.
  4. Twitter much? Our hashtag is there for your creative tweets. Create a 130 character #FightAndWrite haiku and then share it using the #FightAndWrite hashtag
  5. Prefer a more literary venue? Add our hashtag to your published work, or host your work on open publication sites, such as Medium.com
  6. SMS users of the world unite! Write a poem and share it with all your contacts using the #FightAndWrite hashtag

Thank you for all you do and ¡adelante!

– Matt, Favianna, Oscar, Erick, Reetu, Erica and the Presente.org team.

P.S. Can you donate $5 to support our work? We rely on contributions from people like you to see campaigns like this through.