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art by Favianna Rodriguez

Art by Favianna Rodriguez

“ Washing one’s hands of the conflict between the powerful and the powerless means to side with the powerful, not to be neutral. ” – Paulo Freire, Educator


Here's the message we sent to our members. After you've read it, please add your voice.

Help us thank the everyday heroes of our immigrant rights movement: the undocumented youth, immigrant rights activists, and allies who helped make today happen.  


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Dear Friend,

HUGE NEWS: No more deportations for 4 million!1

No more missed birthdays or holidays; no more missed everyday moments like having dinner together or hugging your mom or dad. Most importantly, no more deportations, and real access to opportunities that will improve the lives of immigrants and their families  — like Alejandro, a father of two children born in the U.S. This will mean an end to the crippling fear that he and his wife will be separated from their children. 

Tonight, I'm overwhelmed with a bittersweet feeling. While executive action protects four million from deportations and ends the devastating Secure Communities program, seven million people remain left out.2

But I draw strength from the determination and corazón of our gente — victories like this are hard-fought and will protect millions, but we can't turn our backs on those who are left out. Now, more than ever, we need to renew our commitment to fight for the remaining seven million. 

That’s why today we'll celebrate and show love for the fearless immigrants who fought hard to win this first big step in the struggle.  

Will you take a moment to thank our immigrant heroes by sharing this card on Facebook?

Remember what led to this moment: undocumented youth risking arrest and deportation each time they occupied offices of members of Congress; parents who participated in direct actions and sit-ins in front of the White House; countless immigrant activists, and organizations like Presente, supported by thousands of members like you, all joined forces to hold President Obama and the Democrats accountable.

We're going to keep on fighting until all immigrants receive the dignity and justice they deserve. At a time when cynicism and cronyism plagues D.C. politics, a vibrant immigrant-led movement has prevailed — often in the face of terrifying circumstances. Immigrants stood up to xenophobic Republicans and challenged President Obama to stop countless deportations.

Join us by thanking the everyday heroes of our movement — the undocumented families, youth, and all the immigrant activists who made this important victory possible!

Today marks a big step forward, after nearly a decade of fighting, but the fight is far from over. There are seven million people still left out, including parents of DACA recipients. Next week, as families across the country are sitting down to dinner on Thanksgiving, people may find themselves sitting next to their parents or siblings who've been left out of this executive order. Not to mention the fact that more money is being shifted to further militarize the border which will only increase violence there. But this milestone, achieved through the hands of immigrants and our allies, means that our power is growing and we will not stop until our whole community is together.3

Thanks, and ¡Adelante!

Arturo, Mariana, Erica, Refugio, Erick, Luis, and the rest of the Presente team

P.S. Can you donate $5 to support our work? We rely on contributions from people like you to see campaigns like this through.


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